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Q: Is Stabileye Waterproof?

A: Stabileye is not a completely waterproof system so its use in rain or rain  effects is best avoided. While we will endeavour to do everything in our power to continue shooting in adverse weather conditions we do not guarantee the reliability of the equipment if it is subjected to such exposure. 

The use of rain deflectors is not possible at this time so cable work should be carried out after lines have been dried.


Q: What can be attached to the camera package whilst on Stabileye?*

A: Stabileye has been designed to operate as lightly as possible so it is able to comply with CAA regulations and as such the overall performance of the system is compromised if fitted with matte boxes, filter trays and other weight adding items. 

Q: What cameras can be used with Stabileye?

A: Stabileye can accept cameras ranging from DSLR's, RED Weapon or Alexa Mini.

Q: What lenses can be used with Stabileye?

A: Stabileye supports a wide range of small zoom and prime lenses right up to the new Panavision 65mm series - with amazing results!

*Cameras and lenses to be agreed prior to hire.

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