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Stabileye is a miniature stabilised head that weighs just 3.5 kilos.
It has been designed light so as to comply with the parameters required to fly beneath an aerial platform, is light enough to be used in the hand without being encumbered with easy rigs or exosuits.

This means that you can move the camera from ground level to full reach during the shot and it is small enough so as to be discreet, very mobile and not in the way of the lighting.

But that's not the only way to wield Stabileye; It's just as at home on a vehicle, a wire rig or even a galloping horse. It's speed of setup and versatility can be relied on, and will give you absolutely perfect stabilised footage every time. 

It can accept any video camera of sizes from DSLR to Red Weapon or the Alexa Mini, and can support a wide range of small zoom and prime lenses right up to the new Panavision 65mm series with amazing results. 
Built in wireless capability can see a range of over 200 metres between the head and the controller, and the operator maintains control with proper handwheels and an audio link. 

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